Home Decorating 

THE CONSULTATION            $100+

The Consultation serves as the foundation to learn which design option is the best for you. The initial Consultation will allow us to meet in your space, learn your design style and discuss what you want to accomplish with the space. During the Consultation we will also establish a potential budget and timeline for completion. This process typically takes an hour. 

We also offer this service virtually! Virtually you will show me your space, discuss measurements, and complete the Consultation as if we are in person. If you are not located in the Chicagoland area please do not hesitate to request this service. 


The Classic Refresh is the ideal package if you want to update your home on a budget. With this service we offer using existing pieces and adding new items to refresh the space. This option will afford you the opportunity to enjoy your space and experience it in a whole new way. Kimberly Rowe Design will expertly mix the elements of current and new items in an ideal way to amplify your home.  

This design package includes a mood board, sourcing and installing. 

THE TOTAL REDESIGN         $500+

The Total Redesign option involves completely revamping your space. Whether you have lived in the space for a while or you are newly moved in, this package will give you the aesthetic you crave. This process will update and upgrade the room bringing in pieces you love and transforming your home into something you are proud of, the best part is you can sit back and watch the magic unfold. 

This design package includes a mood board, sourcing and installing. The revamp could potentially include alteration to paint, lighting, furniture, space planning and accessories. 


The Commercial Redesign is for any commercial space. This package is perfect for you if you are opening a business and want to ensure your aesthetic matches your budding brand. This is also ideal if you are looking to improve an existing business bringing in fresher elements. 

This design package includes a mood board, sourcing and installing. This redesign could potentially include alteration to paint lighting, furniture, space planning and accessories.   

THE E-DESIGN       $250 

The E-Design is perfect if you need direction. Maybe you love shopping and decorating but cant quite narrow down your ideas. The E-Design option gives you clarity and removes the overwhelm you feel when going to home stores. This options allows you to purchase at your own pace and have an experienced decorator opinion guiding you.

The E-Design includes a mood board, furniture board and shopping list to purchase the items. 


*Each package price varies. The variation is based on space and needs.