6 Design Secrets to Make Your Small Space Appear Larger

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Based on the title I'm sure you know by now we are discussing ways to make your space appear larger. These space planning and decor tips and tricks will allow you to enjoy your home all the more. 

You know how this goes. Lets jump right in!

1. Mirrors 

Adding a mirror in the right spot creates the illusion that your room is larger. It reflects light and It causes the room to look as if it continues. This is ideal if you have a smaller room and you really want to add depth. 

2. No clutter - give everything a home. 

Removing clutter allows the eyes to follow all of the lines in the room. You notice organization as cleanliness and spacious and messiness as not enough room or space. So removing the clutter and giving everything a home makes your space easier to clean and appear spacious. 



3. Floating Furniture.

Floating furniture is basically furniture that isn't touching the walls. When furniture hugs the walls it appears smaller. Moving your furniture from the walls allows the room to appear spacious. 

4. Lighter color story 

Choosing a lighter color story will also make the room appear larger. Whether you paint or decorate with a lighter color story it can make all the difference. For a quicker and easier fix painting the room can help.

5. Exposed legs. 

Purchasing exposed legs furniture. This my friends is a major key. When choosing your larger pieces it is important to purchase for your space. Furniture with exposed legs allows the space to appear more open. Ideal for smaller spaces. 

6. Glass and Acrylic 

Glass and Acrylic both can help your space in a very similar way. Just like the other options this opens up the room. Serves a purpose and doesn't take away from the aesthetic. Although excellent options, keep in mind that these need to be clean often considering how quickly they pick up hand prints and smudges. 

I hope these options help you! If you need more let me know. What will you implement in your home? Comment below!