Opalhouse Favorites - Top 5

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So if you're a self proclaimed Targetian (someone who frequents Target maybe a little too much) like me, then you definitely noticed they launched new products in April of 2018. If you haven't noticed I'm referring to Opalhouse, a gorgeous affordable home decor line. 

Today we will be going over 9 key pieces with 5 star ratings that you probably need in your home. Seriously, these pieces are bomb! 

1. Lory Poof   $49.99

Coming in seven different color options buyers love this ottoman. The color combinations and quality are a big hit. Reviews rave about the comfort of the product. Currently being used in nurseries, living rooms as foot rests and extra seating. Many options are sold out online but some stores have a couple in stock. 


2. Myna Tufted Velvet Arm Chair with Brass Legs  $269.99

Consumers gushed over how soft, sturdy and beautiful the chair is. Currently claiming a great 4.5 out of 5 stars the chair comes in three colors (velvet blue, blush and teal), two of which are sold out online. Reviews claim the assembly is quick and easy and the chair feels very luxurious. 


3. Canary Floral Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper    $29.99

If you read my last blog, you know I love options like these. Peel and stick wall paper, this has been a big hit so much so it is sold out online. The affordability and quality seems to really be hitting the mark for buyers. Some reviewers recommend having help when applying to the wall and were disappointed it had been sold out.  Check your local Target, I hope you find it! 


4. Elephant Basket  $24.99

Many reviewers have shared pictures using this beautiful basket to hold plants, others have opted to use it as small storage. The same few words were used consistently, "well made", "gorgeous", "perfect", etc. The five stars are clearly well deserved. Available in some stores and of course sold out online, this item also seems buzzworthy, like the others. 


5. Floor Pillow Round Velvet  $29.99

 Almost hitting the five star mark. This pillow comes in three colors, all velvet and all beautifully rich in color. Consumers love the cost, using them for pets, guests seating, as well as decor. Some reviewers rave about it being the perfect size, and the pleating being a great touch! 


Have you made any Opalhouse purchases? If so, comment below let me know what they are and rate them! 

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