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On today's blog we will be introducing more of myself! If you follow me on social, @KimberlyRoweDesign on IG, you may know that I am a Junior Designer for Glasshouse Interior. So today I will be answering some questions that you may have about my experience! I hope you enjoy, lets dive in! 

How long have you been working for Glasshouse Interior?

I started working for Glasshouse in March of 2017. I began as an intern and moved up as a design assistant/ junior designer. 

On my first day, we completed 3 bedrooms in one day! One bedroom was for a little girl, one for a teenage girl and the other for their mom! We worked hard, it was a full makeover. I've included a picture of one of the rooms! In order to see the other two you should head over to Glasshouse Interior Houzz page! 

What made you decide to work with someone else instead of launching your own interior services?

I choose to go this route to give myself the opportunity to learn more. Exposure can sometimes be the best teacher. I really wanted to participate in the growth of a business. To see the ins and outs of how an interior design firm works, the process, the ups and downs. It's not everyday where you'll have the opportunity to be a part of a growing business! 

In what ways do you help the design process?

During the design process the owner of Glasshouse Interior, Marissa, decides how the space should look. She studies her spaces and measurements. After she decides we discuss what she needs to fulfill the space, the budget, I send her items I run across and we FaceTime a ton until the design is done. 

Unfortunately, we aren't able to shop together physically, I run my own business and I'm a mom and her the same. Thankfully technology bridges the gap! 

Conversations really help us both. Considering the field we work in we have to imagine how everything will come together. So talking through the design, what will/won't work helps us both confirm what should/shouldn't be in the space. 

What happened on your best day?

Honestly, anytime we just have a good time at work and the client loves it, its a really great day. This is work that I really love, this is work that I'm passionate about. I enjoy it so when I'm on the job I try to make sure I'm remaining positive and doing my best. That usually makes for a pretty dope day.

What is the biggest mistake you've made?

So the biggest mistake I made literally happened the other day! I broke a clients toilet. I was hanging a floating shelf and I dropped a piece of the shelf and it chipped the tank's lid. I was so sad. lol! Its funny now but it was horrible. 

The last thing anybody wants is to break something or ruin the design in a client's home. I had to replace the lid, the client was so understanding and amazing. 

Advice on joining a firm?

If you're into interior decorating or design I would say go for it. Some companies may have some requirements and some may not. Go ahead and reach out, regardless if they're looking for employees or not. You never know what could happen. 

Favorite room so far? 

Below is my favorite room thus far! Marissa really did an amazing job with this bedroom. The space is so refreshing. This day we also completed a bathroom which turned out amazing. Head over to Glasshouses' Instagram to see the pictures! She offers e-designs and virtual consultations if you aren't in the area! Below is all of Glasshouse's information!

Glasshouse Interiors

Thank you so much for joining me today! I hope I gave you some insight on a little bit of my experience with interior decorating/design work. 

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