For the Love of Dark Walls

Hello hello!! Welcome or welcome back to the blog!

Today we are discussing dark walls darling! I'm sure you have guessed by the title that I love dark walls. Bedroom, bathrooms, living rooms, all the rooms lol! I found some amazing inspiration pictures for if you are interested in featuring dark walls in your home. 

So lets dive right in. 

1. Family Room

The space is amazing. I recommend checking out the website. Although this picture isn't exactly the wall, its a wall full of cabinets. This gorgeous deep blue and gold hardware is the best combo! The space is so clean and picture perfect I don't know if I would even allow my family in lol!  

Source:  Jen Talbot Design  

2. Formal Sitting Room 

Another beautiful deep blue wall. The grid added gives the space so much character. The emerald green couch is so flattering against the blue wall. Perfect integration!  

Source:  Studio McGee

Source: Studio McGee

3. Living Room 

Dark gray walls in this family room flow perfectly into the colorful accessories. If you love color and want to feature a dark wall this could be the best way to do it. All the accessories, down to the rug really brighten the rug. 

Source:  The Guardian

Source: The Guardian

4. Office Space

Dark olive green walls in this office space. This decor made me rethink color! The shelving matching the wall is an excellent choice. The designer used darker colors to complement the wall, which worked extremely well. 

Source:  DecorDots

Source: DecorDots

5. Bedroom 

Dark green, this room was designed based on a beautiful hotel room. Which is apparent because it is definitely giving me hotel vibes. The room has a ton of natural light pouring in and lighter fabrics and accessories to brighten the space. Are you feeling the hotel vibes?

Source:  Elle Decor

Source: Elle Decor

6. Bedroom 

We couldn't ignore black! I encourage you to check out the entire space. The blush and black bedroom make black walls and furniture just work! 

Source:  The Decorista

7. Bedroom 

Another black bedroom! This bedroom is very sleek, between the symmetry and bedding its a flawless match. I encourage you to check out more picture so you can see the space in its entirety. The glam is real!

8. Bathroom 

If you are more on the simple side but still want to incorporate a dark wall this space is the perfect inspo! The before and after photo shows the potential of any space. She used a lighter curtain to brighten the room, great way to brighten the space. 

Source:  Dear Lillie

Source: Dear Lillie

9. Family Room 

This space is crazy good! The walls are a deep gray and the black trim really sets it off. If this doesn't encourage you to think outside of the box, I don't know what will! The ceiling alone is gorgeous. 

Source:  Houzz

Source: Houzz

10. Dining Room 

Even dining rooms! You can do dark walls anywhere and this space proves it. Classic black and white with a very luxe feel. Love this space, be sure to head over to the website to check out the full design. 

11. Wall Paper

Finishing off this blog with wall paper! You don't have to just do paint. This wall paper could fill a room or wall depending on what you prefer. Clean lines and a dark color. What kind of wall paper would you be looking for?

Source:  Ferm Living

Source: Ferm Living

Thank you so much for joining me! I hope you found some inspo here and let me know in the comment is you have any dark rooms/walls in your home! 

Remember I'm just here to help!