Shop the Room - Emerald Green Edition

Hey guys! Welcome or welcome back! 

We are still exploring the emerald green color. I love doing Shop the Room blogs! On these blogs you get a set up, products, ideas on how to arrange and even more variety of pieces of the color. 

So since we setup a living room last time I decided to do a bedroom this time. I also included a couple of pieces from the previous blog! 

So for the bedroom I decided to choose white, gray and silver to complement the emerald green. I wanted to be sure the emerald was still the bold color. The emerald is different tones but it all still works. It's a way of layering and getting a cohesive look. I love the outcome! 

So go ahead! Click the picture below and find out where you can get these pieces and how much they cost! 

Thanks so much for joining me again for another installment of Shop the Room. 

I hope you got some inspiration and ideas from the blog. I'm just here to help!