$6 DIY Room Decor

Hey guys! 

Today is going to be another quick DIY. The great thing about this one is that it can be applied to any theme you decide. This however was a DIY from Ashton's room, so break out the superheroes! 

blog - frame art.jpg


12x12" Frame  (mine were only $5 because they were half off) 

Tote Bag - I used 2 Superhero bags one from Dollar Tree ($1) and one from Target ($2).


1. Cut out a panel, be sure it is the same size as the frame you purchased. 


2. When putting the bag panel into the frame be sure to use the paper picture that was in it. Flip it over to the white side and put it behind your bag panel. If your bag is a little see through like mine, this will ensure your picture is bright and not dull from the dark picture backing behind it. 


3. Hang it! I attached some wire on the back of my frame to hang it easier and more secure. I used some tacks to secure the wire. I also painted mine because when I got home I realized white frames would look better so just buy the color you want. lol that step is totally unnecessary.  

Boom done! Literally the easiest DIY ever! And it was $6! Create your own and tell me about it! 

blog - frame art.jpg

Comment below if you plan to do this for the little one in your life. What character are you doing?

Remember, I'm just here to help! 



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