Toddler Boy Room Reveal! - Superhero Theme

Hey guys! 

Today's blog is sooooooo special! This is a makeover edition and it's for my baby boy's room. He's a lively, intelligent and very curious little boy who loves all things superhero.

So moving into a few details. I didn't have an exact budget for his room I just knew I wanted all of the pieces to be quality but not break the bank. So as time went on I purchased everything as I saw them. Then there are also a ton of pieces I DIY'd (DIY = Do It Yourself). 

Enough blabbering lets get to the pictures! I'm showing you guys the before and afters, of course! 


So as you can see the room was very bare. I was contemplating a ton of themes. Sesame Street was a front runner. Anywayyyy enough of the terrible before pictures lol! 

Let's get to the good stuff! 

Ashton's Room 1st Shot 3.jpg
Ashton's Room 3rd Shot_.jpg
Ashton's Room 4th Shot 2.jpg

The stars on the wall are stenciled on in Cosmic Blue by Valspar. A small 7.2 ounce container was perfect and I still had a ton left over. It was only $4 at Lowe's! 

Ashton's Room 10th Shot_.jpg

Two custom pillows for the big boy! One is a toddler pillow and the other is 14x14 throw pillow. 

Ashton's Room 5th Shot 2.jpg

There is a total of nine canvases, all handprinted with superheroes/logos. 

Ashton's Room 6th Shot 2.jpg
Ashton's Room 7th Shot 2.jpg
Ashton's Room 8th Shot 2.jpg
Ashton's Room 9th Shot_.jpg
Ashton's Room Reaction.jpg

Here's a photo of the day I revealed the room! Ashton was so excited I don't think I've ever heard "Wow!" and "Cool!" so much. I'm pretty sure its safe to say I'm close to being a cool mom lol! 

There are a ton of DIY's in the photos and over the next few weeks I will sharing every detail with you guys! This blog post was all about the reveal! 

Please comment below and let me know what you think! 

What's your favorite piece? See anything you'd like to order? Let me know. 

Until next time, I'm just here to help!