Shop the Room - Rose Gold Edition

Hey guys back again its another blog post! This time we're using the chosen color to style a room! So this is totally based on a make believe room.

The beauty of this blog post is the information you receive.

  1. You get more options for rose gold pieces to use in your home with links available for purchase. 
  2. You can become even more inspired on how to pair rose gold with other colors. 
  3. You can see how a room can come together visually as oppose to totally imagining it! 

I want to provide you guys as much value as I can, for free! Free is everybody's favorite lol! So lets get started, this blog will be short and sweet. 

The tones I chose for the room are golds, soft blues, and blush pinks. I layered the colors to connect the pieces throughout the space. So I of course made sure I added some rose gold pieces but I also added gold to show that those tones can definitely work together. Two very popular ways to pair rose gold is with marble and with blush pink. 

Enough of my yammering! Lets get to the room. 

If you click the photo below it will take you to the picture on another site. It is on that site where you will be able to find out pricing, availability and reviews for the pieces featured. 

Let me know if you guys have any questions. 

Thanks so very much for reading. I'm here to help!

- KR

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