Monthly Favorites! - Benches Edition

Hey guys you know I love helping you shop or maybe you don't know. Lol! Well I really do love helping you shop and decorate your home. 

So on today's blog I'll be sharing some amazing pieces I've come across. I'm sure you've read the title and know this month I'll be featuring my favorite benches! If you've read my blogs before you know I tell all the important details, pricing, store and I provide the link! You literally have everything you need and if you need more help from me, I'm only a comment away. I'm here to help! 

Y'all know I like to hop right in! Lets get started. 

This bench is like the ultimate glam. Me personally, glam is one of my favorite types of decor, so I of course love this. The best part is it comes in multiple colors, cream, light beige and navy. Although its labeled as an entryway bench feel free to use it wherever it fits best in your home. This bench is currently on sale on Wayfair for $276.99, regular price is $309 and free shipping is offered.

I really love the structure of this bench. The lines are clean and the legs compliment the angles so well! You can clearly see why it's a favorite! 

On to the next! 

This entryway bench is also from Wayfair and I love this! It comes in white, mahogany and black. I'm a big fan of multifunctional pieces. This bench looks good and provides storage. The baskets do come with the bench and it is on sale for $239.99 full price it is $319, free shipping is offered as well. 

It is so important to shop around in my opinion especially if you're working with a budget because this same bench is offered at Target for a lot more money. 

Okay next! 

This bench is from Target and is very similar to the last. This is a favorite not only for the style but for the options! The Windham Bench is available in seven colors. I want to be sure I introduce you guys to a color you're looking for! Currently they bench is available in black, navy, shell, teal, green garnish, red and gray. 

The cushion is removable which is great for cleaning, the design is very sleek and if you have a smaller entryway this may be a perfect fit. If what you want to store in the bench is an eye sore the doors are perfect! This sells for $169.99 and Target offers 5% off if you have the red card. 

Moving on! 

I mean honestly were you expecting anything different lol! If you've read my other blogs you know I love tufting! This is from Wayfair, and will run you $246.99 sale price but full price it is $489.99 and free shipping. 

Tufting is a very traditional style that also looks amazing when there are modern interpretations like this! The high back and deep tufts are beautiful! It only comes in white but its still a favorite! 


This bench is probably my #1 favorite mainly because it would go perfect in my home! The current cost on Overstock for $199.99 free shipping is also offered and the ratings are almost five stars! The entryway in my home is not large. I really want a clean uncluttered look that would allow space underneath for shoes and space above for hooks and decor. 

So if you're looking for something like that then this may be for you! I'm currently contemplating purchasing or DIY'ing. Stay tuned there maybe a blog on the way for that. 

Moving right along! 

Okay so on this one I am providing two links. This bench is insanely beautiful, the texture and the detail! I'm obsessed and you can see why, now the only problem is there is only one left in the gray version. I know I know, horrible, its actually my favorite of the two. Both benches go for about $375. Now this bench isn't cheap at all but it is so beautiful and reviews claim it is well made. 

I really love the acrylic legs, the design is definitely a little glam but its also very modern. Could be used in modern spaces or spaces that need to be gender neutral. Which color would you buy?!

Okay okay next. 

This bench is available on Joss and Main. I chose this one because it looks great and is a little more compact than the other options. This option gives you the modern look you may be looking for and can fit into your entryway if its a tight space. this bench goes for $129.99 on sale currently an regular price is $145.99.


I found this beauty at Ikea! It does come in other colors and prints but this is definitely my favorite of the options. It is a storage bench so you can store things inside and underneath. The bench top also stays open so you can safely put things inside and take things out. This is going to cost you $229 

I love the stripes its a very classic look! The wooden legs compliment the pattern so well! Just buy it lol! I love it! 

Let's go to west elm!

Fontanne Bench

Fontanne Bench

This bench is sold by west elm and is going for $399. I'm including it because well, look at it. How could it not be a favorite? The pleated velvet is gorgeous, the style is also available in leather but the leather goes for about $700! This bench is very elegant, can be displayed in the entryway or the bedroom. It is also available in different sizes! 

This bench is also from west elm and it comes in tons of colors. Definitely gives mid century vibes and the seams are piped! Just like many of the other benches mentioned this bench can be placed in the bedroom or entryway. The sleek design accompanied with any fabric would be flawless I'm sure! 

This bench is going for $319-$700, depending on the fabric you choose! 

I really hoped you got some good information from the blog. Thank you guys so much for checking out the blog! 

I'm here to help!