Shop the Color! - Rose Gold Edition

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So, small intro, I decided to compile varies home decor items to help you guys shop! I will choose a color every month and find items for your home. To make everything convenient for you I will supply the link (under the picture) and price! See, super simple and convenient! 

Without further adieu, lets get started! 

As you may have read this month's color is rose gold. My favorite color! 

So I checked out Anthropologie. I found two things I loved! One is super affordable and the other is on the pricier side. I want to give you guys options! 

This votive is so beautiful and the pricing ranges from $14- $52 depending on the size you order. Perfect way to add in the rose gold touch with small or large accessories.

Also from Anthropologie! This side table is a trending combo, marble and rose gold. What more could you ask for? Currently on sale for $249, this piece could be a long lasting piece as long as it is maintained considering it is marble. If you're looking for side tables this may be an option for you! 

So my next stop was everybody's favorite store, drum roll please, you guessed it! Target or as the frequent customers refer to it, Tarjay!

I must admit this was an instant favorite! My first thought was the amazing tablescapes this would complete. This is going to run you about $20. So you would have to buy whichever amount suits your table but the good news is they are steel. As long as they are hand washed they should last you a while. Consider it an investment on that gorgeous tablescape you're imagining right now! 

When I found this I was totally shocked, first of all it's gorgeous second of all why didn't I know Target sold these things?! I feel betrayed, like Target is keeping secrets from me.

Anyway back to the light. Can you picture this pendant light in your room or your office, whatever you imagined is magical I'm sure. Now listen, don't get upset with me. I went in thinking this cost the same as the black one but it doesn't in black this runs you about $125, the rose gold is about $300. *runs and hides*

I'm sorry, if it helps I tried to find it cheaper but Target's price is literally the cheapest. Compared to the prices I saw $300 is a steal. 

Where to next on this adventure? Overstock! 

This Hammered Coffee Table from Overstock is beautiful but thats a given. This is a really great way to bring in rose gold furniture for a very modern feel. Your accessories can reflect the other colors you want in the room. Let this table be your statement piece.

This is going to run you about 470 bucks since it is currently on sale regular price is about $570. One thing I do love about overstock is that they usually have deals going on and promotional codes. Let me know if you check this one out. 

This end table is also from Overstock. I love love love contemporary furniture. It could be because I am such a fan of modern decor. The clean lines and square edges. This is just beautiful and will cost you about $117 because its currently on sale, full price will run you $137. The cool part about this table is that it has a front and back. 

Check out the website for more pictures. 

Dry Erase Dots 

Dry Erase Dots 

Guess where I found these dry erase dots! You'll never guess, Walmart. Yup! Good ol' Walmart. Now I must admit there is a slight love hate relationship there, mainly because the lines are always wrapped around the entire place but anyway back to the dots. 

These are so beautiful online. The price also isn't bad for two 23 x 12 inch dots. Read the details to confirm everything. 11 bucks! I would love to use these in my office. Where would you use them?

New item, new store. So you guys have to let me know what you think about Kirklands. I haven't ever personally shopped there but I found myself on their website loving everything! So take a second and let me know in the comments, I'll wait! 

Thanks for the info! 

Now on to these items, these are super affordable they come in a set of 3 for $25. These would accessorize a space beautifully! Whether you use them as a centerpiece or on your buffet or a console table. Love these as an option for accessories. 

This find is also from Kirkland. The lamp is very beautiful but I personally wish you had an option for the shade, I would love a white shade. This is forty bucks, now we all know lighting is a little more on the pricey side so I'm glad this is a little more affordable. 

Another gorgeous rose gold piece! This is about 12 inches in height and currently on sale for $15 regular price $20. I really love this piece because it is pre-lit so in the day it will reflect the color and in the night it will sparkle! This is definitely the piece to purchase if you're looking for a touch of glam or even elegant. 

Sequin Decorative Pillow - 14x14inches

Sequin Decorative Pillow - 14x14inches

This pillow is the perfect size for a kid's room. Its 14 inches and currently on sale for $15 regular price $40 so that's a steal! I had to include a pillow its only right. I love the detail on this and the rose gold and white compliment each other so well! Let me know if you catch the sale.

What's your favorite item? Drop it below! Or let me know what color you're looking for for your home, maybe my next blog post can help you! 

Thank you guys so much for tuning in to this month's Shop the Color! I'm here to help!