Top 7 2017 Home Decor Trends - What You Should Know!

Ooooooh what's up what's up what's up! After scouring all of the internet I gathered what all the experts believe to be the top seven trends in home decor this year! This post is meant to help you figure out what you may want to bring into your home or buy for your new place, congrats by the way! 

So lets get started. 

1. Jewel Tones! This is going to be my favorite part of 2017! I can see it now sapphire blues, emerald greens, and amethyst purples! These tones may add some elegance and a more bold look! 

image credit:  Sofa

image credit: Sofa

2. Textures. No matter the item textures are being used everywhere. From art, to 3D wall treatments and fabrics. This will give a unique yet inviting look to each home. 

image credit:  lark & linen

image credit: lark & linen

3. Pantone's color of the year! Greenery. Pantone describes the color as a zesty yellow-green. According to Leatrice Eiseman the color represents refreshment, rejuvenation and rebirth. Leatrice is the executive director at the Pantone Color Institute. Will you incorporate the color of the year into your home?

image credit:  Anita Jeerage  

image credit: Anita Jeerage 

4.  Marble. I thought marble was trending huge last year, I'm actually shocked people expect it to be trending again this year. But I'm here for it! I love marble! You can get the glamorous feel with low end or high end products. Super neutral and clean feel, expect to see it everywhere! Walls, floors, tables, kitchens and baths! 

image credit:

image credit:

5. Upholstered headboards. This is another trend that I feel like has been popular but will surge even more in 2017! You can get these in so many shapes and colors and tailor it to your home. I am excited to see the variations. The dope part about this trend is you can purchase or DIY it! Hoping to add this to my home in 2017. Gotta love modern glam! 

image credit:  Sarah Bartholomew

image credit: Sarah Bartholomew

6. Muted colors. I love the way muted colors encourage a calm vibe. You can mix muted colors and still have the perfect flow. The picture below for instance, there are several colors, the room looks amazing and there are only a few pieces yet the look is complete. Bedrooms, kitchens, wherever, love this soon to be trend! 

image credit:  Pinterest

image credit: Pinterest

7. Splurge on laundry rooms. I don't know if you guys have noticed the increased attention laundry rooms have been getting for some time now. Laundry rooms have been becoming more functional and ascetically pleasing! No matter the size there is always a way to upgrade it! 

image credit:  Cherished Bliss  

image credit: Cherished Bliss 

There are a ton of trends out there but these are the ones I am excited to see and try myself! What trends do you look forward to in 2017?!