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Hey guys! I really wanted another way to shoot my products. So I decided on a chair but a new chair was not in the budget lol! So here we are back at it with another thrift find and makeover! This makeover was a little more work but totally worth it. I keep it in my office for decor and I use it in my photos, its perfect! 

Let's get started. So I found this sad sad chair in the thrift store for $8, it should have been free lol! It was lonely and SO DIRTY! 

So here's what I did to revamp it! 

1. Remove the seat. This chair was really dirty and I really needed to change the foam and fabric. I kept the wood, cleaned it up with a sheet of sand paper. After I put the wood and screws to the side and tossed the fabric and foam.


2. Sanding the chair. Although this step it optional it gives the spray paint something to stick to. You can lightly sand or skip straight to painting. But keep in mind that the spray painting works better when the surface is sanded down. 

3. Replace foam and fabric. While your chair is drying you can cut your foam to size (use the wood to create the shape you need). Next, I laid the fabric right side down on a flat surface, then I laid the foam right side down, then the wood follows. So the pieces are laying exactly how they would when everything is stapled. I hope I didn't explain that horribly. lol!

So next you want to staple the top and bottom. Pull the fabric tight and staple all around the top and bottom border. After you do that fold the sides onto the back as well and staple! Cut away all excess fabric. I literally followed the way the chair was stapled the first time. I lost all of my after pictures, I hope this before helps.


4. Seal the chair. I like using Minwax Water-Based Polycrylic. It's available in both matte and satin. This will keep the chair from fading over time and protect it when its being used constantly. Follow the directions of whichever seal you choose. When sealing keep in mind that using an inexpensive brush will cause brush strokes. The seal dries clear so no worries when sealing if it looks white.

5. Reattach the seat to the chair. You may have to move the fabric around or even poke holes in it if it is covering the screw holes need to be inserted. Don't worry too much how that, it wont be seen anyway as it is underneath the chair. 


I really love the way my chair turned out! Sometimes you have to make do with what you have! 

Happy thrifting! Let me know what you find!

- KR

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