My First Event + Five Tips for Vendor Events

Why hello you beautiful human! 

Thanks for joining me! Let's make this quick! I want to tell you all about my amazing experience as a vendor. On November the 25th I had the privilege to be a vendor at Black Market Friday here in Chicago! The event was so amazing, the vendors all sold quality crafted products, and the performances matched the ambiance! Lets dive into the list. 

1. Perfect event for me. 

This event couldn't be more perfect for me! I learned that I have to be sure that my target market would be in the building! That will help you produce sales, and give you he opportunity to introduce yourself to your future clientele! It also gave your customers a chance to see the quality of your product in person. The goal for me was to ensure that the event would benefit myself and my brand!

2. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. 

Once you know you want to attend a vendor event start preparing. I did not find out about the event I attended until a week before. It was very hard to maintain orders and prepare product. I definitely learned that next time I want to be prepared ahead of time. I will be sure to book the event ahead of time and have my product ready days in advance. This would reduce the pressure and ease some stress!

3. Mock tables matter.

The night before the event I setup my table how I would want it to be at the event. I also took a picture incase I forgot anything. One of the best things I could have ever done. Once I was at the event, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Setting up was a breeze! If there was anything I forgot I could refer to my picture. Do a mock table you wont regret it!

4. Greet everybody! 

One of the best ways to stand out is to be sure you are engaging! I tried to introduce myself to every person that looked at my table. Not only did I want them to meet me and learn about my brand, I wanted them to leave knowing I valued them even if it was for a moment. I saw so many vendors just sitting behind the table or on their phones waiting for visitors to interact with them, take the initiative! You could potential get a sale so why not?!


5. Take Business Cards.

You truly never know who you could meet or what custom orders some people may want to place in the future. The business cards have all of your information on hand for them. It keeps the interaction professional and allows you to represent your brand in the best way! 

I hope these five tips can help you on your first vendor event! I cannot wait to learn more as I attend more events. 

Until next time!

Happy vending and don't forget to check out the shop! 

- KR

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