Kimberly Rowe, Principle Stylist

           Kimberly Rowe has a legacy of surviving. Entering the world in the 90s, growing up with 7 siblings and a single mother in Englewood is a couple notches under a humble beginning. From school to school and house to house she was forced to teach herself how to adapt and occasionally blend in. She was taught to push through and survive, regardless of the circumstances. Although she was taught these things she wanted more, she always wanted more, but didn’t quite have the guidance to get there.

           Throughout high school she worked and missed out on a lot of events, the type of events that one would highlight in their high school career. No matter what her responsibilities trumped her desire to have fun and enjoy high school. While things weren’t perfect she never lost focus going on to Illinois State University. She graduated from ISU and became the first in her family to graduate from a university. The four years at Illinois State taught her a few things, she was creative. Kimberly spent a large chunk of her time at the thrift store. She thrifted clothes and recreated them to amazingly trendy pieces; she purchased home décor items and found ways to incorporate it into her apartment. She also learned she didn’t quite believe in her own abilities but could encourage just about anybody and she didn’t know exactly what she wanted out of life. She often questioned what people saw in her because she couldn’t see it herself.

            Now begins the self-discovery from blogging to Corporate America to wine nights and Google searches. She continued to do things that made her happy. She went to the thrift store, like she did so many times in college, to create clothes. She decorated for any and every event. No matter where she looked she couldn’t figure out who she was. But there was one place she never looked, in the mirror. At some point Kimberly had to face herself to figure out who she wanted to be.

           By 25, Kimberly was now a mother to a toddler and a fiancé to someone she’d known a large part of her life. Things almost felt like they were falling into place. She still felt incomplete, and felt bad for wanting more. I mean really how could somebody who “has it all”, house-fiancé-kid-dog, have the nerve to feel incomplete?! But she did.

           Now here she is a stay-at-home mom creating clothes, home décor, party décor and anything else she could get her hands on and BOOM, like lightening it hit her that was it, she realized she was a designer. But it wasn’t easy; it took 26 years and Brittany Applegate’s Brandcamp for her to realize something that the people close to her always knew.

            Now what does she do with this information? Its one thing to know what makes you happy but it’s another to apply it to your life as a career. After consulting with a close friend about a design she created and intended to sell in her etsy shop, she was pushed to do more. She was pushed into something she hadn’t even thought of herself.

            That one text created a snowball effect and Kimberly began creating Kimberly Rowe Design. Her brand was inspired via text and birthed in her living room on the south side of Chicago. A simple pillow design turned into collections of home décor and a very modern website.  She creates everything on her website in her home office. Kimberly adorned herself with a new title, entrepreneur. She also finally began to see what everybody else saw for so many years, she believed in herself and her abilities.

            Kimberly Rowe Design offers products and services, a progressive spin on a traditional industry. The home décor all created by hand is sure to offer exactly what you are looking for.

            Kimberly Rowe is turning her legacy of surviving into a legacy of striving. She has found her niche and is only getting better with time.  Her work can be found at and she can be reached at